Our Features

We see future where everybody has an opportunity with help of decentralized technologies to create, trade and settle crypto derivatives as alternative to existing financial system. Our mission is to create blockchain infrastructure for empowering this future.


Robust datafeed

Full decentralize data collection from crypto exchanges (100+), FX, banks and finance data providers. Unique algorithms for checking all data for accuracy, filtering and normalization.

Data access

Smart Contract has full access to any standart finance data - prices, exchange rates, indices, macro-economics and fundamental data. One-click issues and settlment any derivative - futures, options, swaps etc.

Transaction fee

Derivatives generate lot of many transaction at the each stage of that's life cycle. Others chain take a lot of fee from each. In our solution - all finance transaction in contracts and users is almost FREE!

Third-party Oracles

Don't trust to any outside sources, oracles, providers. All of our network is one trusted and reliability data provider.


Contact Us

  info@indexprotocol.network          +38(097) 464 08 27